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We service, repair and install all makes and models of

Garage Doors and Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Installation Services

Quality is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a company to install your garage door, yet ensuring that it is done properly is one of the hardest things to decipher.

Ensure quality installation - every time! Our certified installers have been thoroughly trained ensuring your new or replacement garage door is properly installed the first time.

Garage Door Opener Repair

We troubleshoot and repair all makes and models of garage door openers. We replace circuit boards, gears & sprockets, set limit switches, install infrared sensors, program remotes, and key-less entry's. We also offer installation services and perform safety tests.

Garage Door Repair

e repair everything from broken springs, flipped cables, door off track, worn out rollers, doors that won't open, doors that won't close, bent sections replaced, replace drums and hinges. We offer garage door conversions and installation.

Garage Door Spring Installation

We install only heavy duty, high cycle springs rated at 30,000 cycles, which is 3 times what the industry standard. Every time a garage door opens and closes, that is considered a "cycle". Most companies use 10,000 cycle springs, which usually last 5-7 years. Rust and cold weather also play a factor in the life of a Torsion Spring.

A Garage Door Tune-Up

A garage door tune-up consist of checking and tightening every part of your garage door. Once we complete a through 27 point check we go back and lubricate everything.

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