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Coronavirus Hardship Help

If you are currently experiencing finical hardship caused by the coronavirus, then you have a couple of options available to you so that you may get your garage door repaired without the extra stress of how you are going to pay for it. 

Option #1: Apply for discounted rate. Contact our office for the hardship discounted rate.  Anyone that is experiencing hardship caused by coronavirus will qualify for the reduced rate. No credit check neccesary. 

Option #2: For a limited time we are offering Deferred Payment Plans for those experiencing hardship caused by coronavirus. We can defer payments for 1-2 months after repair has been made.  Certian restrictions apply. 

Coming Soon....

Enter weekly raffle for $100 towards any garage door and/or opener repair.  Drawings will be help every Friday.  Only one entry per houshold per week .  Apply as many winning tickets toward your garage door. Parts not included. Can be redeemed for your to 100% of all labor charges, non-refundable, coupon has no actual cash value. Weekly raffles are scheduled to began September 21st.  Cpontact us for more information.

And to all of the front line workers, nurses, doctors, paramedics, ect. thank you.  You are all true hero's and we appreciate what  you do every day!  We are offering  a  100% Free Garage Door Tune-up.  We know its important you door is working properly and that it doesn't break.  Give us a call and we will give it our all!

Free Garage Door Tune-Up

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